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How the mobile service works

Mobile Bike RepairThe Bike Van covers all of Anglesey and Gwynedd and carries a full range of up to date bike specific tools and a basic range of the most often needed spare parts.

Our mobile service can save you time and money as well as often being more convenient for you. There is no need for you to struggle to get an oily bike into your car and take it to a bike shop. (Always assuming you have a car that is!)

All you need to do is telephone or eMail and we will discuss your requirements and arrange a convenient time to come to you and your bike. We make no call out charge and can cover our transport costs because we do not have the overheads of high street stores and can therefore keep our prices very competitive.

We can arrange to meet at your home or your place of work or study. If you are on holiday in the area we can come to your accommodation, yes, even camp sites!

If you are touring or travelling through - perhaps on Sustrans Route 8 (Lôn Las Cymru) - we can meet you anywhere on route by arrangement.

Keep our phone number handy; we could be a lifesaver if you break down on the road. We can’t guarantee to help, we’re not as big as the AA yet, but we will do our level best. We are all fellow cyclists after all.