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The Bike Van have very competitive pricesThis is just a guide to the prices of some common jobs. We will always give you an individual price for the job you want doing and check with you before doing anything extra.

  • Basic Service: £40.00
    Check whole bike for wear and safety. Adjust gears, brakes, hubs, bottom bracket and headset. Check, clean and oil chain. Oil external moving parts. True wheels. Inflate tyres.

  • Brake Service: £8.00
    Grease moving parts and adjust.

  • Fit new brake cable: £5.00

  • Hydraulic Brake Service: £20.00
    Check, bleed and adjust (excludes fluid)

  • Standard Gear Service: £12.00
    Lubricate moving parts and adjust.

  • Fit new tyre or tube: £5.00

  • Fit new bottom bracket: £12.50

  • Headset service: £8.00

  • Hub service: £8.00 per hub

  • Fit new chain: £5.00

  • Fit accessory: from £5.00

NB Parts are not included in the above prices.

The Bike Van price each job individually